Meditation for Guidance


Feel lost or alone in life? Create a calm and still mind so that the answer will come to you.


Sitting on the floor or a chair with the spine straight


Look into the palms with the eyes almost closed.


Make the hands into a cup with the palms facing up and finger forward. Leave a hole between the little fingers. Bow your head forward over your palms so you can look straight down.

Breath Pattern or Mantra

Part 1: Inhale in 10 segments. Mentally chanting Waho with each segment. Exhale in 10 segments mentally chanting Guru. 11 minutes. End by inhaling and exhale powerfully then relax.

Part 2: Begin chanting Waho outloud 8 times and Guru outloud 8 times in a monotone. 5 to 11 minutes.

To End

Inhale and exhale deeply…


11 & 22 min.daily practice for full effect.