Meditation to Enrich the Mind

This meditation brings balance by enriching the pranic energy to create a force within.  


Meditation Instructions


Sitting on the floor or a chair with the spine straight


Gently roll the eyes up. Focus on the brow point (3rd eye).


Sit with your spine straight. Face the right palm up and the left palm down. Put the elbows by the sides and hold the hands at the heart center. Do not let the hands hang loosely or without balance. Hold both hands steadily.


Pavan pavan pavan pavan para paraa pavan guroo, Pavan guroo whaa-hay guroo whaa-hay guroo pavan guroo.”

This Pran Bandha Mantra carries the element of air/prana (life force), the creative force in action. Chanting this mantra increases pranic energy, giving our life energetic force/strength. Chant the mantra with the tip of the tongue distinctly. 

To End

Inhale, hold the breath 10-15 seconds. Concentrate on your hands. Bring your hands together and exhale. Inhale deeply in the original posture. Hold the breath and stretch your spine. After 10-15 seconds exhale strongly. One more time, inhale deeply. Stretch your spine totally. Keep the chin in, chest out. After 10-20 seconds exhale through the mouth powerfully. Relax.