Archives from the Newsletter: Controlling the Emotions & Parenting

Over the holidays my son was having difficulties controlling his emotions. While this isn’t unusual for most children, it’s always important how you as the parent reacts to their meltdowns and what your response is.

It is a blessing and a curse that my children have a mother who is a therapist and a yoga instructor (trainer/teacher). They don’t always appreciate it, but I’m always sharing with them different ways on how to control their emotions and how to change themselves. After my son’s meltdown, he told me that he doesn’t know why he loses it. My response was that he needed to start using meditation as a way to control his emotions. He ended up being open to the idea because he hates having meltdowns.

Once your child agrees to a positive change, it is YOUR responsibility to hold the space with them, help guide them and help them keep up with it. Once my son agreed to begin meditating I needed to make it happen. Children do not have the self-discipline to just do it, they learn by your example.

I picked the 6-minute version of the kundalini meditation Kirtan Kriya as this is great for children. There is also a 12 and 30 minute mantra which adults should practice. This meditation has many benefits and one of the reasons I picked this for my son (and is good for many children) is that it helps to deal with inner dialog confusion and managing negative thinking; which most youth have.

Want to start meditating with your family and children? Just start, and overtime the experience will become comfortable and normal.

Alexus KearneyComment