Archives from the Newsletter: Change


Change, is often difficult for so many.

I often tell clients and yoga students that change is as simple as the cycle of breath.  You have to inhale to be able to exhale and you have to exhale to be able to prepare for another inhale. Change is part of the cycle of life.  We grow from change.  We learn from change. We heal from change.  Yet so many of us fight it.  Have you ever found that you hold your breath? Or that you are not breathing? This can be a sign that you fight change.  You want to be in control.  Yet if you were to hold your breath you would pass out.  And guess what happens once you pass out? You start breathing again.


"We heal from change.  Yet so many of us fight it." Madhur-Nain

You cannot escape change or the cycle of it. Resistance creates stagnation which creates dis-ease. Meditation builds a relationship with your breath and with you.  Whether you are doing a chanting meditation or breath meditation.  Once you work past your issues, your neurosis, you are able to build an inner relationship which gives you the courage to face change.  Check out one of my meditations and practice every day, even if only 3 minutes.  Journal so that you can see your own progress.