Bringing Mental Balance


Gives a sense of hope, especially to those who feel as though all else has failed. (Originally taught by Yogi Bhajan; Transformation Vol. 2, p. 121.)


Sit on the floor or on a chair, making sure to keep the spine straight.


Interlace your fingers with your palms facing up and slightly out. Keep fingers open at a 60 degree angle; thumbs are straight forward and not touching. Hold your hands in front of your diaphragm/solar plexus area.

Eye Focus:

Hold eyes one-tenth open.


“Gobinday. Mukanday. Udaaray. Apaaray. Hareeang. Kareeang. Nirnaamay. Akaamay.”
•   Translation: Gobinday: sustainer. Mukanday: liberator. Udaaray: enlightener. Apaaray: infinite. Hareeang: destroyer. Kareeang: creator. Nirnaamay: nameless. Akaamay: desireless.
•   Chanting Instructions: Chant quickly and try to maintain the quick pace for the duration of the meditation.
•   Summary: The sounds of this mantra should create an internal sound current that helps bind you to hope and contentment.

Breathing Pattern:

Breathe as necessary while you chant/whisper the mantra as quickly as possible.


Inhale and hold your breath. Repeat three times, and then relax.
Timing: 3, 7, 11, 22 minutes daily.