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Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light
— Yogi Bhajan

What does it mean to be the light?

To have light in your life and to share light? This is an internal energy flow which is light and open. The opposite is when we see that certain friend who you love but every time you see them you leave feeling down, sad, sluggish...they have just affected you in a way which is negative. They are the friend who is always complaining, comparing or criticizing others. It is hard to truly connect to them because they live under a blanket of heavy energy and inner unhappiness.  Being the light is when you feel free and yet grounded.  

Being the light is when you process your inner shit, you don’t share it.

The best way I know how to do this is through meditation. Some may run, play music, paint, yoga or singing. The idea is that you use some tool which cleanses your inner dialog through creative process or meditative cleansing. Again the trick is you just have to do it.  This work is more important than anything else because it keeps you sane and on your own path towards happiness.  Go do it…..NOW!

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