Healing Meditation

“Healing is letting go of emotions or people who don’t serve your higher Self. Meditation gives you the courage to make that change” Madhur-Nain Webster


Meditation Instructions


Sit on the floor or a chair. Spine straight (This allows the energy to flow up the spine and center the self)


Eyes closed and focus on the 3rd eye (between the eyebrows and up one inch, this activates intuition).


Bring your elbows close to your ribs and extend your forearms out to the sides at a 45-degree angle. Palms are flat, facing up and fingers together. (hands can heal, allow the healing energy to flow through you)


Raa (strong/bright/energy) Maa (calm/nurturing) Daa (secure/grounded) Saa (oneness) Saa (oneness) Say (sacred) So (identity) Hung (real) is the Siri Gaitri Mantra, which is for healing. The sound current combines energy from the earth elements and Ether to heal and bring balance to your inner self.


11 minutes daily

To End

Inhale and hold your breath “visualize healing energy within you and around you” or for someone who needs healing. (repeat this 3 times) and relax. Sit silently for 2 minutes and experience the miracle you created, experience you.