3rd Chakra Meditation


Power and Strength should always be combined with grace and compassion. Connect your power from your navel with the compassion of your heart. – Madhur-Nain



Sitting on the floor or a chair with the spine straight


Focus on the tip of your nose (activates your pituitary gland)


Bring your hands into Prayer Pose. Every part of the hand touches. The base of the hands is in front of the Solar Plexus, not touching the chest; the forearms are parallel to the floor.

Movement with Chanting

Pulse the hands together like a heartbeat and pull the Navel Point in with each pulse. Two pulses of the Navel Point for every repetition of the mantra; pull the Navel Point on Hamee Hum and a second time on Brahm Hum


“Humee Hum Braham Hum. We are We, We are God.” Kundalini technology views G.O.D. as Generate, Organize and Deliver or Generate, Organize and Destroy. With God consciousness, people create and uplift or tear down and destroy.

To End

Inhale and pull the navel up and in; press the tip of the tongue to the upper palate and concentrate. Exhale. Repeat three times total.

Relax TIME 3, 7, 11 min.
(practice daily for full effect. )