Thanksgiving meal or Stress meal?


If Thanksgiving is America’s biggest and family oriented holiday why is it so stressful for so may? What I think is that there is the pressure in the United States to be happy, really happy. Sometimes this happiness almost looks manic because people are not happy and yet they are stress smiling and creating events, things to show how happy they are.

The holidays is one of the busiest times of the year for most therapists.  I get the most calls from new clients and returning clients.  Holidays is also a time when family gets together and that can be triggering for many.  If you haven't processed your childhood then it may be triggering to be around family.  This is not to say that everyone has issues from their past.  It can show its self in different ways.  The pressure to be with family and to have fun and show you are having fun is stressful in its self.

I grew up in a family where holidays were spent on the beach, thank you mom and dad.  We didn't celebrate the traditional holidays in November or December.  

As a child I felt I was missing out when I would see it but looking back I don't feel I missed out.  I love thinking of the holidays as a time to relax and I am trying to create this within my own family.

So here is the ticket I think Thanksgiving is a time to relax and give thanks for all we have big or small.  The trick and most important part of this is RELAX.  We have to start with relaxing from the inside.  This is why I am suggesting the meditation for Long Deep Breathing (the Beginners Meditation).  This is an opportunity each day to stop, sit quietly, and connect to the rhythm of your breath.  For those of you who this is hard for I have made some mantra music which has Sat Nam.  When you hear SAT you will slowly inhale.  When you hear NAM you will slowly exhale.  This meditation will teach you to relax on the inside and that will last through out your day.  Trick is you have to practice it every day.  Yep you have to.

Let me know how this meditation is for you? Please share with your friends and family who you will see at your Thanksgiving meal.  Spread the peace!