Shine bright like the sun to create strength, insight and clarity in life


Being the light of your soul does not mean that you will be too much.  For many we feel we are too much and for others we feel we are not enough.  This thinking creates dysfunctional relationshipswith others and with ourselves.  Allowing our souls to shine allows us to be authentic in who we are and know what that is.

Most with emotional pain either feel too much or not enough in their lives.

Feeling too much: When we feel we are too much we tend to feel insecure that people can’t handle us or don’t like us.  We and others may feel overwhelmed by our energy and we feel that we can’t control it.  When this happens we sometimes stifle our emotions and excitement for experiences or life.  Over years ofhiding our energy or judging our excitement can create an inner pain and hurt which turns into depression and self loathing.  If you feel your big energy and hate it about your self then you tend to smother your inner self and those around you.

Feeling you are not enough: This is when we feel we don’t count, are invisible in your life and to others.  You feel that when you walk into a room no one notices you.  The more you feel this way the worse it gets because you feel your self shrinking.  For some you feel you are not enough so you will create a fake out going persona which leaves you feeling alone because the connections don’t go deep.  They are not core connections.

Tool: Here is a meditation which raises the awareness and connection to the authentic you.  I am the Light of My Soul Meditation This meditation creates a inner frequency of energy which unifies who you are on the outside with who you are in the inside.  When practiced daily for at least 90 days you will feel a difference with your boundaries and filters in your relationship with your self and with others.

This meditation is for all ages, all walks of life and for you.  Enjoy it.  Please share with your family and friends and tell them what you love most about it.