If it is everyone’s birthright to be happy why are there so many unhappy people in the world?


If it is everyone’s birthright to be happy why are there so many unhappy people in the world? With all this technology and ways to connect, people are more unhappy than we have ever been.  There is an overload of information all around us.  Our internal systems have crashed.  You have to heal from the inside out.

Why is it so important to build a relationship within yourself then building strong relationships with others? Well the thing is if you can't relate to yourself then relating to others will always feel off, ridge, uncomfortable, stop and go relations.

When you meditate you build an internal frequency which allows you to live at your highest potential in your careers, relationships and health.  This happens on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  When you meditate your breath, sound, movement (if there is one) and intention create this change within you.

The breath connects to your vagus nerve and relaxes the organs and frontal lobe of the brain.

The sound you create while you chant stimulates the upper level of your brain to increase white matter which supports you in emotionally understanding and changing your life.  The sound of your voice also stimulates the hypothalamus which helps you be more relaxed.


The movement in meditation when there is one (this is in Kundalini meditation more often than other kinds of meditation) helps you expand your magnetic field which does many things such as can lower your levels of depression and you will feel more confident.  Or the movement can open the heart center and lung area which creates more compassion and love.

The intention in meditation gives you the ability to focus and feel like you can move through life, can be successful and create inner balance.

Of course to experience these effects you have to practice every day for a length of months.  Meditation is about training the mind and brain which affects our lives.  Enjoy any of the meditations on my website and just do it! – Madhur-Nain