Does Success equal Happiness? Close but NO it does not.


Why are some people happy and successful and some are not? It isn’t fair I often hear or why not me?

The thing is success does not equal happiness.  Happiness has to come from within us.  Don’t get me wrong having success financially, in our relationships or in our bodies is wonderful.  The thing is true happiness is a feeling you feel inside and it glows and affects every part of our lives.

Being in connection with ourselves is Power.  When we connect to ourselves and then work towards success we create prosperity and the universe creates more, ten fold.  Now I hear some of you snickering, right the universe… The thing is Quantum Physics has proven that what you project outward comes back to you ten fold.  So when  you beat yourself up, for example why am I having money problems.  Why is money to tight? Why do I never get ahead?  The energy field around us hears this.  It then creates more of the same.  Change has to start from within us and then things will start to shift.

How do we change? Well meditation is a great tool to change our neurological frequency and patterns.  You can also replace your thoughts with affirmations but that will take longer and you will be fighting your negative mind.  Chanting a mantra works on a subtle level within in the brain.  Also because you are chanting in another language your negative and positive mind is not triggered as much.

The best way to understand what I am sharing is by you practicing at home.

A great meditation to practice is Prosperity and Power.

Try practicing this meditation for the whole month and see what starts to shift.  Is it your finances, your relationship, your body image? Journal daily or every few days to keep track of your thought patterns, what you are thinking. When you are done post here to let me know how this meditation was for you?