A Look into
the book.

Though the modern world has given us many benefits and privileges, it has also burdened us with constant stimulation and endless expectations.

Feeling overwhelmed, we become distracted from our life’s purpose. Because we have lost our path, we feel emotionally, physically, and spiritually imbalanced — and this has left many of us stressed and anxious. In The Stressless Brain, I detail the importance of building a relationship with yourself through the use of yogic technology. By incorporating meditation into your life, you can learn to govern your thoughts and emotions in a mindful manner. Meditation offers you the tools to view your life with clarity so that you can respond, rather than react, to stressful situations. My objective is for you to thoroughly understand stress and anxiety and how it affects you — including your romantic relationships, friendships, and career — so that you can make the necessary changes in your life. If you feel powerless, then I hope the yogic insight and meditational instructions provided in this book can give you the strength to harness your mind and teach it to best serve you. Using Kundalini meditation, you can find the courage to self-reflect so that you can self-correct.